About our traffic banksman training or health and safety courses

We work with organisations and companies in the public and private sectors and have particular expertise in delivering health and safety courses to local authorities and the construction industry.

We have been working closely with construction and security companies in particular to deliver Traffic Marshall or Traffic Banksman courses to fit the purpose of security and general labour operatives on construction sites.

However, we can work with any sector to train both those who are new to health and safety requirements as well as those who require refresher training.

Traffic Banksman training helps to reduce the high number of incidents involving workers being struck by a moving vehicle. Over half of all accidents of this type occur while a vehicle is reversing. Reversing vehicles can also cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises.

Traffic Marshal training is essential for individuals whose jobs involve directing vehicles visiting a worksite, or for those looking to further their careers in this area. It will help you to demonstrate that you understand how to clearly communication safety information to drivers and pedestrians.

Traffic Marshal training can deliver a number of benefits to organisations. As well as helping to reduce costly accidents and meet the HSE requirements for Banksman staff, it can help reduce wasted time during loading and unloading periods. It presents the right image to clients and other visitors to your organisation. And it is ideal for organisations that want to invest in the professional development of staff. Since training for Traffic Marshals is now a requirement set out by the HSE it can also help lead to new and continuing contracts.

If you employ banksmen or other staff to direct the manoeuvring, loading and unloading of vehicles, then the HSE requires that they are properly trained. Staff must have a good understanding of how to signal and communicate information to drivers entering, reversing, manoeuvring or leaving your premises.

The Traffic Banksman is sometimes referred to as Traffic Marshal or Vehicle Banksman. The role covers responsibility for supervising vehicles and pedestrians safely on a site while vehicles are moving.

The CPCS Slinger Banksman is responsible for slinging and signalling during the movement of loads while using heavy lifting equipment such as cranes.

Our courses are carefully deigned to adhere to the standards mandated by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), the UK Resuscitation Council, and the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) through Pro Training. All courses are fully accredited and result in a nationally recognised qualification. We go beyond the required standard to offer additional value to our learners and clients.

For example, we deliver our First Aid courses to cover all the mandatory units required by the Health and Safety Exertive as well as bolt on units like the Automate External Defibrillator. That way we can offer additional value to our learners and their employers.

Our courses are taught using the most up to date study material to ensure we cover all aspects of the required qualification. We use online technologies and videos to deliver learning. Some materials can be accessed after the course has ended so you can still benefit from the teaching post learning.

Materials draw on pedagogical techniques to ensure learners are able to absorb and understand what’s delivered, and then to apply it where it matters on the job.


We only use qualified trainers to deliver courses. Our trainers understand the sector, are competent and will use real life experiences where possible to enhance learning.

Our courses are designed to improve employability skills and so are suitable for anyone who wants to develop their career opportunities through health and safety training. They are designed to help people advance their careers or get back into work quickly.

Every student has access to guidance and help from our dedicated, professional and multilingual support team. Oral tests are also available to ensure that candidates with learning difficulties or disabilities can also access the training and achieve success.

We offer the flexibility to have courses delivered at any site, including your workplace (providing there is a suitable classroom type space for the theory), at our own premises or at another selected local venue. In order to have training delivered at your site we need a minimum of 6 delegates to attend and outside space suitable to reverse a vehicle.